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I have come this far all alone and I have worked so hard, day and night on this project for almost 2 years, gave my heart and soul to it.

Now it’s time to take that work even far, the Goals are big and to reach those goals I need your support.

We need to build a team, a team of smart people and language experts. The project is highly complex and without a good team and experts the Goals cannot be achieved.

But with your support, I am very confident we can achieve all the unimaginable Goals. What has never happened before, has happened now, and this project will change India and the World with your support.

Support in any form is appreciated, either sharing this project, becoming a member with which you will get the latest updates and insight of development and a chance to be a part of the team, or by sponsoring the project.

Your contribution is highly valuable. This project is a body and your support is the blood, every single drop of it matters. This project is the engine and your support is the fuel.

The support you show today will come back to you and to your loved ones in some form, the ‘OM’ in OM Lang has the power to manifest.


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