OM Lang is a general purpose programming language which means it is not limited to just web, AI or servers but can be used to build anything possible. It is designed to help you understand programming easily in your native language while being easy to use, fast in performance and has all the modern feature of today’s programming language.

OM Lang is a statically type programming language like GO, C & C++ etc, which makes it a type safe programming language unlike Javascript, PHP, Python etc. It can be seen as the better version of C, it gives you all the power and speed of C while being simple to understand and simple to use, at the same time teaches you how to properly write a code.

How to Install

There are 2 version of OM Lang, one is for PCs and one for Smartphones.

To download OM Lang on your PC, just go to the home page and download the PC version. This will contain executable for 3 different operating system, Linux, Windows & Mac.

OM Lang is available for Android as well, you don’t need a PC to learn programming. Simply go to the home page and download the Android app from Google Play Store.

How to Use

For Android, you will see two tabs, one for writing code and another for the output. Thats all there is. Write your code and press the run button to see the output in the output screen.

For PC, you need to open the terminal and run the executable. For Windows you might have some issues with the fonts so instead use a 3rd party terminal.

Create a file on your text editor with a “.om” extension and simply write your code and save the file.

Then, open your terminal and type the following code

./omlang -b <your language> -f <your file path>

Then hit Enter to Run the program.

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