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The World’s First Sanskrit & Multilingual Programming Language that supports 9+ Languages. Made in India, for India 🇮🇳

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India's Programming Language
OM Lang is Faster than

Google's Go, Microsoft's C#, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP

  • Yes, OM Lang is faster than many popular programming languages developed by large corporations.
  • OM Lang is designed to be very easy to use and can be learned by anyone.
  • OM Lang is highly modern, robust, feature rich and future-proof.
  • OM Lang is very advance, professional, Object-Oriented & compiled language like C, C++ & Rust.
  • With OM Lang you can do programming on your Phone without needing a PC.
  • OM Lang is aimed to build literally anything possible: an OS, Website, App, Server, AI and what not, NOT even the sky is the limit.
  • OM Lang is almost only 2MB is size yet superfast.


OM Lang comes with all the latest and greatest Modern Programming Language features.


OM Lang is very fast when compiled. It's faster than popular programming languages like Java, C#, PHP, Python, JavaScript and many more.


OM Lang is very simple to learn and easy to use. Native language supports makes it even easier to use and understand for many.


OM Lang is a safe programming language that helps you write safe code and teaches you good programming practices.


Only about 10% of the population of India can speak English as their second language, and only nearly 0.1% as their first language.

According to a research, a person understands an idea or a concept better in their native language. Learning in a native language removes complications, keeps your interest intact and makes learning process smooth.

Remember the time when we were in school? We used to take our native language subject for granted, the confidence and ease we had in learning that subject, that!

Even the new Indian Education Policy is aiming towards the same goal.

I have seen many people struggling to understand programming languages only because English adds complexity to an already complex thing for a non-English speaker and even for non-native English speaker.

This is also what I have experienced first-hand, and even heard some people say, “wish we had programming in our own language”.

The OM Programming Language is the World‘s first Multilingual Programming Language that supports 9 languages at release and will support more in the future.

OM Lang was built to be simple to understand and simple to use. It solves this by first allowing you to write code in your native language, at the same time being a very simple language and superfast too. Sorry, Java and Python.

Now, one doesn’t need to know English to learn Programming. They can easily get familiar with Programming in their own native language.

Also, it was one of my dreams to test the power of Sanskrit in computers and programming. With OM Lang, it’s time to use the power of Sanskrit to discover its impact in inventing and building technologies.


The aim is to change India, but also to change the world using the power of India and Indians. The aim is to bring back the lost essence of India, the lost culture and heritage that is fogged by the colonial mentality.

The aim is to make India a true independent nation. The aim is to bring back the time when India was known for its innovation and contribution to the world.

The era in which India gave the world the invention of “0” (zero) and the numeric system, as well as Ayurveda, Yoga, and much more. Like how our Vedas knew so much about the Universe long before what today’s science has discovered. 

It’s now time to value what we already have. It’s time to use what our ancestors gave to us years ago. It’s time to follow in their footsteps. It’s time to be a truly independent nation and not to depend too much on foreign things.

It’s time to combine the power of technology and the power of our culture together and take our country to the greatest heights it deserves to be, it used to be.

This is not just any ordinary project; it is the seed of India’s and the world’s brightest future.

This project is a living proof of how we need to bring back our culture’s essence, use it for our greatest good and to also spread it around the World.

It’s time to bring back the time when India was known as the Golden Bird.

The “OM” in OM Lang itself signifies the aim of this project. “OM” is the original vibration of the Universe, and using the power of our culture, we can change this world for the better.

The Aim is to do what has never been done before, the aim is to build and invent things that have never been built before. The Aim is to use the power we have to lead the world to a Great Future!

Aiming For Future

Future Goals

Teach In Schools

One of the biggest goals is to teach OM Lang in every school using the regional language. To take programming to each and every corner of India.

Use the Power of Sanskrit

To do various research on how using the power of Sanskrit Language for programming, software and technology can bring never known before advantages.

Build OM OS

Lead Indian Technology to the future by building India’s own Operating System, similar to how it’s shown in the movie “Interstellar”.

India's future as shown in the Hollywood movie "Interstellar"

Who is behind this Project?

Mayank Kumar

Hi, my name is Mayank Kumar, and I am the inventor of the OM Programming Language. I am a self-taught Software Engineer & a Computer Scientist. I never went to any college or university. Instead, I spent my time doing what I really liked, i.e., learning, building things and working on my ideas.

Please follow me on social media and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to learn more about me and my journey.

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